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March 18, 2019
Sign up for Portability: the new system for Statement Harbour Dues
On 25 February, we informed you that management of the service Statement Harbour Dues Rotterdam-Moerdijk will be transferred from Portbase to the Port of Rotterdam Authority. In early May 2019, the Port of Rotterdam Authority will begin using the new system Portability to manage the Statement Harbour Dues Rotterdam-Moerdijk. Using Portability offers a number of advantages. For instance, as a customer you can get a pre-completed statement form including any discounts and you have full (online) insight into the harbour dues paid.

What does this mean for you?

If you only use the service Statement Harbour Dues Rotterdam/Moerdijk, it means you will no longer log in via the Port Community System (PCS) but directly in Portability. If you are an agent and you use other Portbase services such as Vessel Notification, Notification Waste Disposal and Notification Crew and Passengers, you will also be able to link to Portability from the PCS. In both cases, it will be necessary for you to register and log in. How you can do this is explained below.

What action will you need to take?
As a result of privacy legislation, all clients must register in order to request a log in ID and password. To register via our website, please click here: Important: you must log in before you can submit a Statement of Harbour Dues. This is why it is important that you register with the Port of Rotterdam Authority via the link above at your earliest opportunity. 
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